<year two/project one>

<deadline: 17.9.2021>

For the first project of your second year, you will demonstrate your understanding of progression routes into the industry by making a short film that outlines your career ambitions. You'll learn some After Effects tips and tricks along the way.


Self-Analysis Task

What you have to do:

1. Fill out the '16 Personalities' online form. Screen grab and save the results. Do you agree with the insights? 

2. Use the SWOT worksheet to help you think through your 'strengths' and 'weaknesses', to identify possible opportunities and reflect on what could stop you reaching your targets. 

3. Talk to your peers about your analysis to get their input, and refine your SWOT analysis accordingly. 

4. Present your personality profile and SWOT analysis in written form, include feedback from peers and self-reflection.

How you'll be assessed: 

You will post your self-analysis onto your coursework website, where it can be viewed by tutors and peers, and you will receive feedback. 


Use research to identify to progression routes and the skills will you need moving forward.

What you need to do:

1. From your SWOT analysis, you need to extract and expand upon your research into 'opportunities' to show that you understand the possible progression routes that are available to you, and how to target them. 

2. You need to research your chosen progression route or routes, this will include research into degree courses, apprenticeships and employment opportunities. 

How you'll be assessed:

Tutors will feedback upon the evidence you present, as will your peers. 


Create a personal 'skills development' plan

What you need to do:

1. Make decisions about what KIND of work you want to create for your Final Major Project. 

2. Identify in detail the skills and knowledge you will need to acquire in order to realise your FMP ideas. 

3. Create a plan that maps these skills onto a schedule of the weeks and months leading up to you FMP.

4. Create a 'skills development' tab on your coursework website and paste the plan at the top of this page. This will act as your guide over the coming weeks. 

How you'll be assessed:

You will post your skills development plan onto your website, where it will be reviewed by tutors and peers. 

NB Skills development planning can continue during the first six weeks of the FMP - so make sure your plan extends up to the Easter break. 

Think about which skills you can develop at home with your current resources and which require college equipment. The plan needs to be realistic but also challenging. It's up to you!


Make a short animated documentary (with voiceover) to present your findings

What you need to do:

1. Create a plan for your animation. (This is a short project, so the plan does not need to be detailed). 

2. Record the voiceover for your animation. Use your SWOT analysis, progression research and skills development plan as the basis of a voiceover script.

3. Collate the assets you wish to include in your short animated film. 

4. Bring assets and audio together on the timeline, add animated graphics. Export the end result.

How you'll be assessed:

Post the finished animation plus evidence of planning onto your website. 

NOTE: it's not absolutely necessary to have a voiceover in order to complete this task - you could use just on-screen text - however it will probably make your job easier to have scripted information as well as graphics.


Evaluate the process of doing research and making an animated documentary

What you need to do:


1. Write or present an evaluation that refers in particular to the research you've done into progression routes. 

How you'll be assessed:

You will post your evaluation to your website, where it will be reviewed by tutors and peers. 


Write a personal statement

What you need to do:


1. Work with your progression and destination tutor to develop a personal statement, which will support your application to uni or form the basis of the cover letter that you might send to potential employers. 

How you'll be assessed:

You will post your personal statement onto your website, where it will be reviewed by tutors and peers. 


Make an application to a progression destination.



What you need to do:


1. Present evidence of application to a progression destination. For many of you this will be an application to Uni. If you don't intend to study further, you will need to apply for an apprenticeship or job within a sector relevant to the course you are following. 


How you'll be assessed: 


You will put evidence on your blog and website to show clearly how you have applied to at least one progression destination, which will be reviewed by tutors and peers.