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<year one/project two>

<deadline: 16.10.2022>

For this two-week project you'll find out about the kinds of jobs that are available within this diverse sector of the creative media industries. You'll present your findings in the form of a short information film. In doing this, you will also be introduced to some of the key basic skills of the VFX & Animation industries. 


Develop skills and knowledge in Adobe Premiere


What you need to do:

1. Experiment with practical tasks and tutorials that will introduce you to the basic functions of this editing software.

2. Document your learning as a production diary on your coursework website. 

How you'll be assessed:

Evidence will be reviewed by your tutor and shared in class. 

Note: some of you have prior knowledge of Premiere, for you the challenge will be to identify what you don't yet know and seek out online tutorials that help you get even better!



(Work in teams to) research job roles within the VFX and Animation industries.

What you need to do:

1. Identify online sources of information about job roles.

2. Read / watch the sources of information and identify the parts that you think are interesting and / or relevant. 

3. Write / record evidence to summarise your findings.

How you'll be assessed:

Evidence will be reviewed by your tutor and shared in class. 

Note: you don't have to research the whole VFX and animation industry, you can choose an 'angle' on the sector if you want. 

Note: The reason that some teamwork is (ideally) necessary for this task is so that you can meet one of the assessment criterion Unit 3.3.2 "Demonstrate consideration and professionalism in working with others."



Plan and produce a short information film. 

What you need to do:

1. Gather assets for moving image production: audio, stills, screen grabs, filmed clips, archive clips.

2. Import and edit assets in Adobe Premiere.

3. Add information in the form of motion graphics. 

4. Export the finished short film.

How you'll be assessed: 

You will post the finished film and clear evidence of the production process to your blog, which will be reviewed by your tutor and peer-reviewed by the class.



Evaluate the process of planning and producing a short information film. 

What you need to do:

1. Write (or narrate) an evaluative piece that describes, explains and reflects on the research process and creative production that went into your short film.

How you'll be assessed:

Your evaluation will be posted on your blog, where it will be read by tutors and examples shared with the class. 

Note: this will be your first proper go at writing a UAL-style evaluation. There will be a lot more practice as the year progresses. Clear evidence of evaluation and reflection is central to achieving the Level 3 Creative Media qualification.

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