The Final Major Project is the only 'summative' unit of your syallabus. The outcome of the FMP will decide what grade you are awarded for the year overall. 

You can chose the subject and the techniques you use, but you must all make sure that you are evidencing your work to the requirements of the brief. 


You will evidence what you have learnt by

1. Completing a UAL project proposal document


2. Using your blog to write posts about your research and practical work

3. Making a creative media product that showcases aspects of VFX and/or Animation processes

4. Evaluating and reflecting on your work

5. Presenting your work on your FMP website



1. Be able to initiate and develop a creative media production project proposal.

2. Be able to use research, analysis and evaluation to develop solutions for a creative media production project.

3. Be able to solve practical, theoretical and technical problems in a creative media production project.

4. Be able to plan, organise and produce a creative media production project. 

5. Be able to use practical methods and skills in a creative media production project.

6. Be able to use evaluative and reflective skills in the production of a creative media project.

7. Be able to present a creative media production project. 


I could really do with some guidance about how to present my evidence for the FMP in the best format...

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