The third Year Two project offers the chance for you to investigate a chosen area of VFX and/or Animation practice in depth. 

You will evidence what you have learnt by

1. Using your blog to write 1500 words about your research into your chosen subject specialism

3. Making a short practical piece to showcase experimental research into your chosen specialism

4. Evaluating and reflecting on your work (500 words)

5. Presenting your work on your Year Two website



1. Understand the principles and practices of a chosen discipline in creative media production.

2. Be able to locate and evaluate information from a range of sources.

3. Be able to communicate ideas and arguments in a variety of forms.



It's basically just a load of research, right?

Unit 12 gives you the chance to take a 'deep dive' into the area of creative media production that interests you the most. You'll get the chance to experiment with what you've learnt and add further skills to the bank of knowledge you've been accumulating since the start of the course. 

What's not to like?