For the second Year Two project, you need to develop and evidence your understanding of audiences – who they are, where to find them, and how to target them. To do this you will produce an advert for online distribution, one that also showcases your developing skills and a  VFX and Animation practitioner. 

You will evidence what you have learnt by

1. Using your blog to write posts about your research into subject context and audiences

3. Making a short advert targeting a specific audience

4. Evaluating and reflecting on your work

5. Presenting your work on your Year Two website



1. Understand the characteristics and context for a chosen media and communication activity.

2. Be able to use knowledge of the characteristics and context of a media and communication activity.

3. Be able to use evaluation in support of creative media production.


1. Understand the audience for a chosen creative media production activity.

2. Be able to plan and implement a creative media production activity for an identified audience.

3. Be able to use evaluation in support of creative media production for an identified audience.

Advertising is a massive international industry – $1.2 trillion according to recent figures! Advertising tends to engage in the latest trends when it comes to digital media production, and the internet in particular has led to lots of innovation in the way products and services are marketed.

Every industry runs on money in the end. The money comes from customers – or audiences, as we call them in our sector. Unit 10 is all about understanding audiences. Framing this unit with a challenge relating to advertising will enable you to really get to grips with what it means to try to make money out of creative media production.

As anyone who has ever sold anything knows, it can be hard to get people to choose your product...

The advert below was made to raise awareness among your demographic of the continuing risks posed by Covid. Do you think it works?