For your first project of the second year, the task is to make a short video – a 'film', if you like – which presents your knowledge of progression routes within the VFX and animation industries, and details your aspirations within this field. 


You will evidence what you have learnt by

1. Completing a personality test and SWOT analysis


2. Producing evidence of research into progression routes.

3. Completing a skills development plan

4. Making a short film to present your findings

5. Evaluating and reflecting on your work

Evidence of your work should be presented on your Year Two website

The final task will be completed outside of taught sessions, but you will HAVE to produce evidence that you have achieved this goal in order to pass the unit...

6. Make an application to a progression destination, either Uni or an alternative



1. Understand progression routes and related application processes.

2. Understand communication, skills and knowledge for progression routes.

3. Be able to use promotion and presentation skills and knowledge to make applications for future study or work.


So... what's this project all about then?

Planning for progression is a really important part of your journey here at Colchester Institute, and UAL requires that you investigate the Creative Media sector in particular. By presenting your evidence in the format of a short animation, you also get to practice your first-year skills and learn relevant new skills. Simples!